Peter Brown

As a sculptor I work mainly in stone realising a finished piece by the process of direct carving.
My work explores the relationship between how we are able to experience the world around
us, both physically and emotionally. The inspiration and motivation behind each piece is to
develop an understanding of the relationship between myself and the work, through its
development and as a finished piece.
An interest in this relationship with my own artwork, and the emotive potential that art has held
over mankind throughout history, led me to study for an MA in Art Psychotherapy at Leeds
University, so that I may be able to combine my passion and understanding with the healing and
recovery of individuals who have suffered trauma or abuse and struggle to communicate their
Born in London in 1953 it is only recently, in 2007, that I relocated to East Yorkshire where I work
from a studio located within 19th century farm buildings on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, a
landscape that both influences and inspires my work and my life.